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Present (ever changing) economic, industry and business conditions, unending Technological improvements, Internet [IoT], AI, Data analytics, work form home and globalization are creating increasingly varied business challenges and opportunities. Role of technology including BlockChain are evolving and transforming how IT industry work, develop and support.

These factors related to IT and ITES carry a wide variety of risks and challenges to create and maintain a seamless, efficient, sustainable and growing business, that includes:

  • Manage income and expenses when faced with economic downturn, withstand pricing pressures, optimize utilization costs
  • Continuous Manpower skill development
  • To have a excellent and up to date project management services, ensuring quality and timely execution, that too consistently to maximum client satisfaction
  • Having a successful & classified Global service line
  • Maintaining continuous Market differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Having Managerial skills for rapid scalability / expansion, compression and/or diminution
Key services offered by VIES

Enterprise risk management (ERM)

Information system audits

Internal audit

Management audits

Project reviews

ISMS and QMS preparation

Third party service certifications

Transfer pricing and other tax services

Advisory on process improvement, cost optimization, manpower performance reviews etc.

Developing SOPs that helps build up strong processes, system improvements, suggest corrective steps in every activity, and fast pace decision towards achieving Business objectives

VIES is happy to handhold the Client Team for effective implementation & monitoring,in all above services.


Banking as an Industry is growing exponentially, and growth with it brings in newer challenges in the form of Technologies, Products, Distribution, Aware and Demanding Customers and above all Regulations. Banking has lately been the center of all the Government initiatives specifically in recent challenging situation due to Covid-19.

Dynamic supervision by regulators like RBI, IRDA and SEBI requires consistent observation of daily activities and effective steps to measure and mitigate risks.

VIES brings in following expertise to help Bank Management to have effective and efficient controls over its Business

  • Internal audit
  • Client Management audit
  • Retail Assets audit
  • Concurrent audit
  • Certification Report
  • KYC audit
  • Internal or Client specific Documentation review
  • Manpower performance review
  • Client Stock audits
  • Hypothecated Assets audit / verification
  • Use of Data Analysis to check Customer financial stability
  • Help in Fraud risk reviews
  • ISO and IT security review

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India is in the cusps of MAJOR thrust towards becoming a global manufacturing hub, which is backed by an army of skilled, motivated and efficient work force.Make in India, Make for World, and otherinitiatives of the Indian government haveresulted in receiving investment proposals of over billions of dollars recently.However, Most Manufacturing organizations face risks of ever increasing costs (that includes oil, gas, steel, copper etc.)reducing margins, slow business development, challenges in exports, supply chain & distribution issues and so forth. For strengthening business, there is need for rapidexpansion, widening geographical reach, acquisitions and at same time divesting underperforming units, has become the norm.

The above scenarios call for effective, efficient, timely and accurate Strategic decisions.

VIES is all set to provide wide range of services under one roof to MSMEs, large Indian groups, multi-national corporations irrespective of the type of industry viz. Auto Component, Automobile, Chemicals, Metal, Steels and so on. Our service offering includes

  • Strategic decision making
  • Designing Client, Unit, Business, Industry and Operations specific systems and processes
  • Management audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Risk management services
  • Developing and monitoring Internal control (ICoFR)
  • Contract drafting, reviews, Vendor evaluation & monitoring, other legal services
  • ISO 9001 / 27001
  • Consulting on Banking services
  • Developing SOPs that helps build up strong processes, system improvements, suggest corrective steps in every activity, and fast pace decision towards achieving Business objectives
  • Book keeping that includes services from each voucher entry to finalization and filing of Financial statements
  • Company Law services, formation, documentation, filings and reviews
  • Advisory and hands-on services for GST, Income tax, other International and Indian taxes/li>
  • HR compliances including PF, ESIC, PT, other Labor laws

    VIES is happy to handhold the Client Team for effective implementation & monitoring, in all above services.


VIES works with clients across Infrastructure sector to provide services in

Transaction advisory

Project report preparation

Project structuring

Financial analysis

Commercial and financial due diligence

Designing of scope of services

Risk frameworks


All types of Education institutions starting from Primary to secondary, senior schools, colleges, and vocational institutions are facing challenges related to new technologies, changing course structures, shortage of expert teaching staff, increasing globalization, online classes, and delivering better student outcomes against available budgets. Digitalization has changed the fundamental way how students learn, however in India everyone does not have access to the same.

A major step is taken by the Indian Government by introducing the National Education Policy 2020, which proposes to revolutionize the way Education Institutions perform &deliver some points includes

  • Internationalization of education –allow entry of foreign universities, student and faculty mobility
  • Reduction in the curriculum to core concepts
  • For all recognized school boards, a National Assessment Centre, PARAKH (Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development).
  • Vocational program to be introduced from Class 6
  • Universities in three categories: research-intensive, teaching intensive and autonomous degree-granting Colleges
  • Use of graded autonomy
  • Exit options include Certificate after completing one year in a discipline
  • The National Research Foundation will be created as an apex body for fostering a strong research culture and building research capacity across higher education.

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VIES with its experienced Team in field of education shall help in

  • Review the transformation efforts in-line with the new policy
  • Review institutes operations including Teaching, administrative and support functions,
  • Check for redundancies, diversionof scarce resources away from core purpose
  • Find solution to rationalize the highly complex organization structures
  • Bring in equality with widely disparate service levels
  • Help in Complying all applicable acts, rules ®ulations