The VIES Data security control assessment involves a thorough examination of the methods, procedures, and protective mechanisms that organizations implement to protect PII. This extensive evaluation confirms the existence of adequate precautions to reduce the risk of data breaches, including potential loss, theft, or unsanctioned access

  • DPDPA (India)
  • GDPR (UK)
  • CCPA (California, USA)
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)
It includes
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Confidentiality checks, through access Control to enforce entitlements, encryption to control who can decode and view information, authorizing and authentication systems that identify users, Two-factor systems that add an extra layer of protection to authentication.

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Integrity checks, that DATA is whole and accurate, fulfils legal and regulatory rules, prevents unauthorized users from changing data, faulty copies or transfers does not occur etc.

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Availability checks, that Users can get their data when they need it, creating archives, storing data on high availability file systems, use of reliable databases.