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We provide income tax advice in following areas:

Periodic reporting
and delivery of
accounts MIS


Understand client
requirements and


Develop processes
for exchange of documents
and information


Establish process for communication and assign Team for accounting

Areas Covered

  • General ledger maintenance
  • Assets / equipment ledger maintenance
  • Expenses ledger maintenance
  • Accounts receivable services and reporting
  • Accounts payable services and reporting
  • Preparing ageing reports & summaries
  • Bank reconciliation services
  • Credit card reconciliation services
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Trial balance services
  • Preparing income statements (Profit & Loss)
  • Balance sheet services
  • Invoice processing and sales reports
  • Preparing purchase reports
  • Cash flow statement
  • Inventory services
  • Accounting setup services
  • Financial Research & Analysis
  • Corporate financial statements
  • Analysis of financial statements and management reports

Accounts and Finance Outsourcing

  • Today‚Äôs challenging business environment businesses have adopted strategic decision of outsourcing their requirements for accounting, financial analysis and MIS reporting services to experts.
  • Vies offers a wide range of services from performing data entry for financial accounting to analyzing, summarizing and reporting to the management.
  • Vies partners you in delivering superior results while minimizing costs. This can help businesses in focussing their core strength areas and relieve of daily non-core work.
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